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Make Your Own vegan sausage box

£11.50 - £24.95
Make Your Own vegan sausage box

Everything you need to make 2 vegan sourdough margheritas in your own kitchen.

This kit includes
2 x sourdough pizza balls
1 x pot of semolina
1 x pot of seasoned tomato (enough for 2)
1 x pot of vegan coconut mozzarella (enough for 2)
1 x fresh basil leaf
1 x chilli oil
2 x vegan garlic mayo

Vegan sausage toppings:
Vegan herb sausage
Cherry tomatos
Caramelised onion
Fresh rosemary

Equipment you'll need
1 x frying pan (around 9-10" in diameter)
1 x pizza cutter
A drizzle of olive oil
A crunch of black pepper
Extra toppings are available. Select anything you'd like to jazz up your pizzas

Allergy information
Contains gluten, garlic and traces of onion.
Prepared in a kitchen that handles lots of different ingredients. Although all products will be free of allergens in ingredient (other than those listed above), they may contain traces of other allergens not listed.

For further allergen information please visit our menu guide: